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ONGOING Algorithm / Software DEVELOPMENT

At Newtech, research is a way of life. We firmly believe that research shall be a key differentiator in the days to come and that R&D is integral to product development and innovation. Newtech takes pride in the fact that it is home to some very great minds who in turn enrich the wide knowledge base that Newtech zealously nurtures. Some very exciting in-house R&D is being done in the areas of:

Software Radio

Newtech Software is doing advanced research in the area of Software Radio with the aim of developing innovative wireless applications and systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Newtech Software has successfully developed Intelligent Agent Software for terminal guidance of flight vehicles. We have also developed a ‘Channel Equalizer’ for HF channels wherein neural networks were employed. Newtech is putting this and other relevant expertise in developing AI based intelligent systems for:

          Load Dispatch in Electrical Utilities

          Fraud Detection and Management in Telecom and Banking

          AI based Business Analytics

          AI based Risk Analysis / Management

          ECRM (Recommendation Engine) and Data Mining

          Business Analytics using AI techniques

          Risk management 

Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

Newtech has developed wireless protocol for HF communication systems and has initiated work on a mobile computing environment for the Police department. Currently, efforts are on to build expertise in the TRON family of RTOS and in developing prototype applications and systems for a pervasive computing environment.

DSP Algorithm Development

One of the members of our consulting panel, Dr. D. Sundarajan, is an international expert in DSP and has a prestigious US Patent on DFT to his name. Newtech, under his aegis, is doing cutting-edge work on DSP Algorithm development. Dr. Sundarajan also has two renowned books on DSP and DFT to his credit.  

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