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AI Data Mining


Newtech has applied data mining with AI in many applications. One or more of the following data mining algorithms have been employed in the following applications.


          Event detection


Flight vehicle application: In AI enabled Data mining application for flight vehicles, Newtech has developed the following algorithms to improve the terminal guidance accuracy

          Novelty algorithm to detect events

          Clustering algorithm for time series data

          Intelligent agent software

Crime detection: Currently, Newtech is working on application of data mining with AI in Law enforcement. As part of ‘Mobile computing application in government public safety department’, Newtech is applying the following algorithm for detecting criminal activity



Decision support-Electrical utility:  Newtech is working on data mining application in public utility services such as ‘Electrical power generation and distribution’ to produce a ‘Decision Support System’ based on past data.

Fraud detection: Newtech is also working on applying data mining techniques with AI in the following areas mainly using clustering, event detection, and profiling.

          Fraud detection and management in telecommunication application

          Fraud detection and management in banking application



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