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Algorithm Development and Implementation


As part of Mobile Computing / communication technology, Newtech has developed innovative algorithms in related areas.

Software Radios: As part of software radio we have completed the following work.

Software algorithm and implementation of Modulation Demodulation using In-phase and Quadrature components

Satellite Channel Simulation incorporating features for varying multipath, Doppler, ionosphere/trophosphere, time varying properties, and noise strength

Multi terminal receiver algorithms and its design (GSM/CDMA/Direct satellite / Wi-FI / Bluetooth)

Adaptive multipath elimination algorithm design and implementation

Base band signal simulator for testing all communication algorithms

Turbo Encoder and Decoder for application in satellite communication

Encryption and decryption algorithm and its implementation

Encoding and decoding of base band data

S-ATM protocol implementation for muti media broad casting for rural areas.

Rural Internet/Email using HF – Useful tool for disaster management also

Data linking among flight vehicles and position information for tracking flight vehicles 

Soft GPS: The following algorithms have been developed, tested, validated, and implemented in the project on ‘Soft GPS Receiver’ development.

          Averaging Correlator to improve the sensitivity of the receiver

          Faster acquisition and tracking algorithm with minimal loss of lock

          Adaptive ‘Multipath' elimination algorithm

GPS Application: The following applications have been developed.

          Onboard routing and mapping software including a moving map display

Location determination using combination of A-GPS and Direction Finding using TOA at GSM towers

Presently developing location based services.

Routing and navigation: The following algorithms have been developed, tested, validated, and implemented for Air-borne GPS applications

          Complete routing and mapping algorithm


Fuel left

Course deviation

Position on the greater circle

Flight vehicles: The following algorithms have been designed, developed, validated, and implemented to improve the accuracy in the terminal guidance of flight vehicles.

          Novelty algorithm to detect events

          Clustering algorithm for time series data

          Intelligent agent software

Software quality: The following algorithms have been designed, tested, validated, and implemented in  ‘Heuristics’ – A software quality analysis tool

          Quality model

          Call graph, control graph, Kiviat graph, Criteria graph

          Textual and structural complexity metrics


Filtering algorithm for time varying non-gaussian signal: Algorithms are developed for time varying non-gaussian signals of a seeker used in flight vehicles



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